How do online continuing education courses work?

As soon as you complete the enrollment process, you will be taken to a link where you will have instant access to your courses. If you don't see that link, you can simply hit the account tab in the upper right menu, which will take you to your account page and an access link to each course in which you have enrolled. When you have completed the course, you can go directly to your exam. One question at a time will come up. While there is not a time limit per se, if you take more than 30 minutes between responses, the system will log you out and you'll have to start over. When you have completed the final exam, the computer will automatically grade your answers and instantly notify you if you passed or failed. If you have passed, you will have instant access to download your certificate of completion and print off as many copies as you desire. Even if you didn't pass on the first try, the computer will give you the opportunity to study some more and then take an alternate test. You are allowed to retest until you do pass, at no additional charge.

Once you have finished the course, you will still have access to course materials after completion for review purposes.

The system will keep an online record of your completed courses for a minimum of four years, so if you misplace your certificate, or wish to have another original, you can log in and reprint certificates for all of the courses you have passed. You'll never have to worry about misplacing another certificate again.