About The Institute of Somatic Therapy

The roots of this company started growing in the early 90's, when our founder, Judith Koch, decided to take action to leave an unsatisfying career. Deciding to follow her natural instinct to rub sore necks, she quit her job to go to massage school. Being a life-long lover of education, the next many years were spent building her clientele and soaking in all the continuing education she could. Fast forward several more years, a local massage school approached Judith to start teaching continuing education courses. That led to other schools in the state scheduling her courses, then out of state, and eventually even out of the country. In order to accommodate requests for courses in out of the way locations with just one or two students, we began to offer courses by video. This even began to take on a life of its own when other instructors started asking us to carry their courses too. So here we are, well over two decades later, pleased to offer you the ability to continue your education with some of the finest massage trainers in the world, without ever having to leave home.

What Makes Us Different?

We aren't some big corporate entity just trying to "cash in on the massage craze". We make every effort to give you prompt, personalized service, from the background of a massage therapist. We measure every aspect of our service by what we would want if we were in your shoes. Emails go directly to Judith Koch, our Director of Education, so you get a prompt personal response from the person at the top.

A Word From Our Founder

There is a limit to how many people one person can touch, but together with my graduates, we can touch millions. What inspires me is our company goal to give you a new level of success through meaningful skills that produce measurable results to everyone in the chain of benefit: you, your client, and everyone your client impacts with their new sense of wellbeing. I love to hear about my students' satisfied clients--like women who birthed easier than they could have hoped and fibromyalgia patients who were able to stop using a cane--and from students who have found a new level of enjoyment in their career after getting certified in a new specialty. Don't settle for courses that are only theory or simplistic. Reward yourself by making your education dollars count, with courses that have the ability to transform you and your practice. That way everybody wins.