How do continuing education courses by mail work?

Upon enrollment in a course by mail, the materials will be mailed to you, generally within one to five business days from the date that you place your order. Materials vary from course to course, so please refer to each individual course description to see what information you will receive. Once you receive the course, you will study and practice at your convenience, and when you feel ready, you may take the test online for instant results and printable certificate. We do offer testing by mail, at an additional charge to cover printing, postage, grading, preparing the certificate, and mailing it back to you.

The estimated time it will take to complete a course is one clock hour for every CE hour earned. If you are taking a 16 CE course, and work on it all weekend, you can complete it in two days, but if you work on it one hour a week, it will take four months to complete.

Once we receive your homework paperwork in the mail, please allow us one business week (five business days) for grading and processing, before we will mail your certificate back to you.