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Massage Therapy CEs | Massage Concepts and Techniques

Sports & Exercise Massage

Massage Therapy continuing education CEs awarded: 25

Course classification: Kinesthetic (course materials teach specific techniques to use on clients during a massage therapy session.) "General" for CE Broker purposes.

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Course Materials: Sports & Exercise Massage, by Sandy Fritz (Textbook includes instructions on how to access online videos demonstrating techniques, a stretching atlas, a general massage protocol, and additional case studies.)

Course Description: One of the most popular and utilized reasons for massage therapy comes from athletics. Whether your client is an occasional weekend warrior or a seasoned triathlete, this course is full of techniques to ease their aches and pains, as well as help enhance sports performance. You will study the theory and application of sports massage, plus sports injuries and dysfunction in general and by specific body parts.

Publisher's Description of Textbook:

Providing guidelines for applying massage to amateur and professional athletes, Sports & Exercise Massage: Comprehensive Care in Athletics, Fitness, & Rehabilitation, 2nd Edition helps you address the challenges of treating clients involved in sports, physical fitness, rehabilitation, and exercise. In-depth coverage describes common patterns for sports activities, such as running and throwing, and uses the principles of massage to focus on assessment techniques, indications, contraindications, and outcome goals. This edition includes a new chapter on stretching, hundreds of full-color photos of techniques, and an Evolve companion website with step-by-step videos demonstrating sports massage applications. Written by noted educator and massage therapy expert Sandy Fritz, this resource provides the proven massage techniques you need to manage common exercise and sports injuries and syndromes.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive coverage includes all the essentials of sports and exercise massage in one resource, with topics such as theories of sports, fitness, and rehabilitation; a brief anatomy and physiology review; basic nutrition for fitness; a review of massage methods and detailed descriptions of therapeutic techniques that apply to sports massage, such as lymph drainage, care of acute injury, connective and deep tissue applications, and pain management; and discussions of categories of injury common to athletes: sprains, strains, wounds, contusions, joint injury, and more.
  • More than 600 full-color illustrations show procedures, concepts, and techniques.
  • Student-friendly features include chapter outlines and learning objectives, key terms, summaries, review questions, a glossary, and In My Experience boxes highlighting real-life situations in sports and exercise massage.
  • Case studies provide an opportunity to develop clinical reasoning skills.
  • Student resources on an Evolve companion website include videos demonstrating techniques, a stretching atlas, a general massage protocol, and additional case studies.
  • Expert author Sandy Fritz provides massage for professional athletes in many sports, and her school, the Health Enrichment Center, had a 13-year partnership with the Detroit Lions.

Table of Contents:
Sports & Exercise Massage, 2nd Edition
1. The World of Sports and Exercise Massage
2. What is Sports Massage
3. Evidence for Sports Massage Benefit
4. Kinesiology
5. Fitness First
6. Sport-Specific Movement
7. Nutritional Support and Banned Substances
8. Influences of the Mind and Body
9. Indications and Cautions
10. Assessment for Sports Massage and Physical Rehabilitation Application
11. Review of Massage Methods
12. Stretching  NEW!
13. Focused Massage Application
14. Unique Circumstances and Adjunct Therapies
15. Injury in General
16. Pain Management
17. Common Categories of Injury
18. Medical Treatment for Injury
19. Systemic Illness and Disorders
20. Injury by Area
21. Case Studies

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