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Seven Mistakes Massage Therapists Make (And How To Avoid Them)

Course Description: The purpose of this free sample course is two-fold: 1) To give you an opportunity to see how our online courses work, and 2) to review some of your business practices to ensure that your massage business is the best it can be.

In this free course, you will learn seven of the most common mistakes that massage therapists make. More importantly, you'll also be given a lot of suggestions on how to ensure that you don't make them.

By implementing one or more of the many good ideas in this course, you can take your massage practice to the next level. For example, are you a flashlight or a laser beam? Are you a Ford or a Lexus? Are you a lamb or lion? To find out what each of these mean, how they apply to massage therapy, and how to make sure you are reaping the maximum benefits, get started on this free course right away.

CEs Awarded: This free course does not award any CEUs for any state or national boards or agencies. It is simply offered free for your benefit, and so you can test drive our system before you commit to taking any courses with us.