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Reflexology Package 24 CE

The theme of this package is reflexology, research, and ethics. This package is designed for renewal of NCBTMB certification, under the current Board Certification credential. Board Certified therapists must have 24 total CE hours, of which three must be ethics, and three must be research.

Our volume discount Reflexology Package consists of the following massage therapy continuing education courses, worth 24 continuing education hours (CEs):

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Each of these massage therapy CEU courses still earn an individual certificate of completion dated the date you complete the online test. Therefore, you can "straddle" your renewal periods by completing some of the courses now, and the remainder of the courses once your new renewal period begins.This is especially helpful for massage therapists who are certified with the NCBTMB and are also licensed in jurisdictions where CEUs are required on a different timetable.

Are your online courses downloadable to my computer? No. You must be logged in on our website to view the course materials. Please feel free to take our free sample course to see how our online courses and testing works.

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Can I review the online course materials after I’ve completed the test? Yes. Even after completing the test, you will always have the option to access the course materials, print another certificate, or review your test results.

Is online testing the only testing option you have available? If you enroll online, you will automatically be set up to take the online exam. If you prefer to have a paper test we are happy to accommodate that. There is a $20 fee for processing paper testing, which includes the premium, gold-embossed sealed certificate (online testers also have the option to purchase a premium certificate for $15).

What is the difference between cognitive and kinesthetic courses? Cognitive courses are those that teach concepts related to massage therapy, but do not teach specific hands-on techniques. Courses such as ethics, pathology, anatomy, and research are classified as cognitive. Kinesthetic courses are those that teach specific hands-on techniques that you can use on clients during a massage therapy session. Some states limit how many kinesthetic courses can be completed in an online or home study setting. Refer to our state guidelines page for specifics about your state.

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