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Massage Therapy CEs | Pathology

Pathology - Morton Foot Structure

Massage Therapy Continuing education CEs available: 3

Course classification: Cognitive (course materials consist of concepts related to massage therapy but do not teach a specific hands-on modality)

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Tuition: $29

Course Description: Can you identify the physical abnormality that Dr. Janet Travell, the pioneer of myofascial pain and trigger point training, stated is the cause of approximately 80% of all myofascial pain? If you are like most massage therapists, your massage training didn't teach on the most common cause of foot, knee, and hip pain, which is a condition called Morton's Foot Structure (sometimes referred to as Morton's Toe). Morton's Foot Structure is primarily caused by one of two anatomical conditions of the foot, which causes hyperpronation on walking, which in turn tends to lead to structural compensation of the knees and hips, which then results in the development of trigger points and myofascial pain. One podiatrist quoted in the course states that every knee replacement he has seen (aside from those caused by sports or other injuries) was on patients with this condition.

This online massage therapy CEU course covers the anatomy, symptoms, causes and treatment of Morton's Foot Structure. In this course, you will learn what that condition is and how to assess your clients to see if they have it. You will learn the many muscles that it impacts so that you can address the problems it has caused, and you will learn an inexpensive and simple way to significantly reduce the impact of this condition, which in turn reduces the pain your clients have as a result of this condition.

Student Comments:
"Judith - this was FANTASTIC! Never before have I actually WANTED to read every single sentence of a CEU course, and you are absolutely right - how could something that is so common, and so simple, have been left out of massage education? THANK YOU for sharing this knowledge with all of us!" Melissa Olson, Brooklyn, NY

"I found this course fascinating! It is such a common root cause of so many ailments and yet it never assessed. I will definitely be using this information to help those I come into contact with, including myself! This information should be taught in every massage school day one and repeated often!"
Melanie Carr, Buffalo, TX


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