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Massage Therapy CEs | New York Package

New York Package

Special offer for New York Massage Therapists:

The Institute of Somatic Therapy is an approved CE provider in New York. Provider #0019.

We allow New York massage therapists to customize your own 36 CE package. Pick any of our courses that total 36 or more hours, and get 15% off the total tuiton by using coupon code ILNY (which stands for, of course, "I Love New York!" - wish we had a "heart" key on our keyboards but the L will have to do.) This applies to all "online" or "by mail" courses, but not for "test only" options.

OPTIONAL PACKAGE: If this package does not fit your needs, you have the option to create your own customized package. For details, click here.

How to redeem coupon

  1. Select your desired courses and add them to the shopping cart
  2. During the checkout process, in the space for a coupon code, enter ILNY. Before you finalize the checkout process, you will be able to see the New York discount applied to your total.

Coupon terms: 1) you must have courses totalling at least 36 CEs in your shopping cart, 2) they cannot include any "test only" options, 3) coupon MUST be applied at the time of enrollment or it will expire, 4) coupon codes are not retroactive.

All courses must be completed within one year of enrollment.

Please note: The State of New York does not accept our Prevention of Medical Errors course for CEs. While we allow you to include it as part of this discount package if you wish, you will not be given CE credit for it by the state board. Please also note that New York does not allow you to teach infant massage to anyone who is not a massage therapist, so the Infant Massage Certification course will not count for CE credit. If you have questions about their policy on infant massage instruction, you will need to address those to the board of massage.

For massage therapists outside of New York, you are welcome to use this discount package if you wish.