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Massage Therapy CEs | Florida Laws and Packages

Florida Renewal Create Your Own Discount Package

Special offer for Florida Massage Therapists - customize your own package: The Institute of Somatic Therapy is an approved CE provider in Florida, MCE326 and 50-1116 on CEBroker. (We also offer a complete 24 CE discount package, which you can see here. It offers a greater discount but it not customizable.)

Update: September 12, 2023. We have heard from CE Broker that Florida is again allowing the required 12 CEs of live classroom hours to be taken by distance learning through the 8/31/2025 renewal cycle. As such, the following courses which normally would not apply to the "live classroom" requirement are valid for this renewal cycle. PLEASE NOTE: They will show in your CE Broker account under "anytime" courses because they are indeed "anytime" (online 24/7) courses. The first 12 CEs will also show as "relevant to massage therapy", which is the key part of the equation. For courses of more than 12 hours, CE Broker automatically includes the additional hours as "general" hours, of which you also need 5. 

CE Broker reporting: We generally report to CE Broker on a weekly, or twice weekly basis when we are outside of active renewal periods. During the month of August in renewal years, we report completions daily, the next business day to ensure that students taking courses after business hours do not get omitted. 

For your protection and peace of mind we always advise all potential students to confirm elibility through CE Broker using the course number provided below. CE Broker is showing the following courses as valid for 8/31/25 renewals.

To get everything you need for your entire renewal, choose any 18 CEs from the list below, along with the 7 CE Florida Renewal Package (found below the list). Courses not listed below, and not marked in red on their course description page, will fall under the "General" category (for which you can apply 5 CEs) or their respective category such as laws, ethics, human trafficking, etc.

Click the title to see course details: 


Please note that you still need to complete the seven mandated hours in laws, ethics, human trafficking, and prevention of medical errors, which you can get here: Florida Renewal 7 CE package.

If choosing individual courses instead of the 7 CE renewal package, please note that Florida does not accept our 2 CE Human Trafficking course, written for Texas therapists, as it contains information for health care practitioners outside of the massage industry, which Florida will not accept.


We allow Florida massage therapists to customize your own 24 CE package. Pick any 18 hours listed above, plus the 6 CE Package of the required courses and Human Trafficking if you have not already taken them.

Get 15% off the total tuition of 24 hours or more of courses by using coupon code FL2025. Coupon codes are NOT retroactive, and must be entered at the time of enrollment. If not used at enrollment, the offer expires. 

Number of test questions: The description above shows "0" test questions because the number of questions will vary for each person depending on the courses they choose for their discount customized package. Each individual course description page will show the number of test questions if this is a concern. The NCBTMB requires 5 text questions per CE hour, which should help you be able to estimate.

How to redeem coupon:

  1. Select your desired courses and add them to the shopping cart. This package offer applies to any of the courses in our catalog, even those not part of the Florida special COVID allowances for distance learning. (Some course categories, such as ethics, laws, prevention of medical errors, etc, always were valid for online. As such, they do not fall within the special COVID allowance, but are still valid for your renewal.)
  2. During the checkout process, in the space for a coupon code, enter FL2025. Before you finalize the checkout process, you will be able to see the 15% discount applied to your total.

Coupon terms: 1) you must have courses totalling at least 24 CEs in your shopping cart, 2) coupon MUST be applied at the time of enrollment or it will expire. Coupon codes are not retroactive.

All courses must be completed within one year of enrollment.

CEBroker: If you want us to report this course to CE Broker on your behalf, you must follow these instructions:  BEFORE you complete the online exam, be sure that your Floridia massage license number is included in your account details. You should have provided this when you enrolled and created an account with us, and you can also edit it when you are logged into your account. 

Enter your license number EXACTLY as it appears on your license, with NO SPACES. CE Broker will not accept it with a space between the MA and the number, and they will not accept licenses entered with lower case letters in the MA portion. If you do not do this correctly, your completion will not be processed by CEBroker. We report to CE Broker at least once a week (usually several times a week).

Please note:  For massage therapists outside of Florida, you are welcome to use this discount package if you wish.