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Massage Therapy CEs | Florida Laws and Packages

Florida Renewal 24 CE Complete Package

CE Hours Earned: 24

Course classification: This package will provide the exact total of hours as required for Florida renewals through August 31, 2023. All courses can be done through our online delivery system. The total breaks down as follows: 12 CEs classified as "Relevant To Massage Therapy", plus 2 hours Florida Laws, 2 hours Ethics, 2 hours Prevention of Medical Errors, 1 hour Human Trafficking, and 5 hours "General".

Approved by: Florida Board of Massage Therapy, Provider #MCE-326. CEBroker Provider # 50-1116. Please note: This package is intended for Florida licensees, although licenses from any jurisdiction are allowed to enroll. If you plan to use these hours for a different state or national board, it is your responsibility to determine if that board will accept each of these courses. Please refer to each individual course description. Most states will not accept state laws from a different jurisdiction. The NCBTMB does not recognize Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention as an approved category, so that hour may not count in other jurisdictions.


Course Description: This discount Florida massage therapist renewal package is for therapists who have a valid Florida massage license they are seeking to renew. The package contains the following courses - click each title for individual course descriptions:


Terms and Conditions:

  • This package special is not valid with any other coupon or offers. 
  • There are no substitutions allowed - if you do not wish to take this complete package as is, please use one of our package discount offers that allows you to choose your own courses.
  • All package enrollments are final, with no refunds or exchanges.
  • Enrollment must be done through this page on our website. No phone enrollments can be accepted at the discounted package total.
  • We are not able to make our packages retroactive.  If you have already enrolled in any of the above courses, we are unfortunately not able to credit that tuition for an upgrade to this package. It is not possible given the way our package system operates in our website backend.


Tuition: $129 after package coupon FL24 is applied. (Tuition of each individually as of the date this package was created was $201, which is what will show in your shopping cart prior to adding the coupon code FL24. You save $72 - 36% - with this special package.) Please note that coupon codes are not retroactive and must be applied at the time of enrollment or they will expire. Please confirm that the final screen is showing the discounted total before you submit the enrollment.


To enroll: Simply click the green "buy now" button. You will see the package in your shopping cart, with the option to continue shopping (if you want to enroll in more courses) or checkout. Once you click checkout, it will take you through the process of creating a new account if you do not have one, or logging into an existing account if we have an account already associated with your email address. You do not need to have an existing account before you add this package to your shopping cart.


Reporting to CE Broker: Institute of Somatic Therapy will report your hours to CE Broker ONLY IF you have provided your license number in your online account with us before you take the online test. We generally report weekly, and more frequently (as often as daily) as the renewal deadline approaches. Once the report shows in your online account with CE Broker, they give you an opportunity to rate the course. If we have earned a good rating from you, we would appreciate you taking the time to share. Thank you.


Will your online courses work on my phone, tablet, or other device? Yes. Since technology continues its rapid pace forward, it is impossible for us to provide a current and complete list of all devices on which our courses will work. We invite you to take our free sample course so that you can personally test if the online content and streaming video work on your device.

Can I print the online test to work on it at my convenience? Yes. We provide a study guide with each course in this package. It has the test questions and answer choices. You can print it off and work on it as you study. When you are ready to take the test, you will log into the system and supply your answers to the online test questions.

What happens if I fail the test? Do I have to pay again? No. If you happen to fail our test, you can continue to retest until you do pass at no additional charge.

Do you report our course completions to CE Broker or the Florida Board of Massage? Yes, ONLY if you have a Florida license number listed on your online account with us at the time that you completed the online exam. 

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