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Massage Therapy CEs | Florida Laws and Packages

Florida Laws & Rules - 2 hours #20-36119

Massage Therapy continuing education CEs awarded: 2

Approved by: Florida Board of Massage Therapy, Provider #MCE-326. CEBroker Provider # 50-1116. CEBroker Course Tracking Number 20-36119. If you plan to use these continuing education hours for a state or board other than Florida, it is your responsibility to determine if that other agency will accept law hours from a different state.

Tuition: $12.  This course is available at a discount through one of our two Florida renewal packages. We have a 7 CE renewal package with the 7 mandated hours, and we have a complete 24 CE renewal package that includes everything you need for renewal in one discounted package. You can also "Customize Your Own Package" if neither of these two packages fit your needs.

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Approved by Florida Board of Massage Therapy.

Instructor: Judith Koch

Course Description: This online continuing education course for massage therapists satisfies the 2 CE Florida Laws requirement for Florida massage therapy licensees.  It looks at the current laws that apply to the practice of massage therapy in the state of Florida.

We also offer a 1 CE course in Human Trafficking, found here.

Student Comments: "This was my third on-line ce course. I only wish that I had taken the other two through you. This class is presented very well and clear. For such a dry topic it was informative and held my interest. Thank you!!!!"
Myrna Silva, Lake City, FL

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What is the difference between cognitive and kinesthetic courses? Cognitive courses are those that teach concepts related to massage therapy, but do not teach specific hands-on techniques. Courses such as ethics, pathology, anatomy, and research are classified as cognitive. Kinesthetic courses are those that teach specific hands-on techniques that you can use on clients during a massage therapy session. Some states limit how many kinesthetic courses can be completed in an online or home study setting. Refer to our state guidelines page for specifics about your state.

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