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Massage Therapy CEs | Volume CE Package Specials

100 CE Package

If you have failed your NCBTMB exam and have been required to take 100 additional hours of education before you can retest, you will find this package helpful in bringing your score into passing range. The courses in this package have a lot of anatomy and information about various techniques for massage. It is ultimately up to you to know the rules that apply to you through the NCBTMB. Nothing on this website is meant to be a guarantee or offer any legal advice.

This 100 CE package consists of the following massage therapy continuing education courses:

   1. Outcome Based Massage - 25 continuing education hours (25 CEs)
   2. Anatomy Fascial Lines - 25 continuing education hours (25 CEs)
   3. Orthopedic Massage for the Spine - 25 continuing education hours (25 CEs)
   4. Orthopedic Massage for the Upper and Lower Extremeties - 25 continuing education hours (25 CEs)

For complete course descriptions, please refer to each individual course by clicking on the title of each course above. Please note that courses 3 and 4 are both from a single textbook. You will need three textbooks with this enrollment: Outcome Based Massage, Anatomy Trains, and Orthopedic Massage. (See individual course descriptions for more details on the textbooks.)

Enrollment is offered as TEST ONLY:  This means that you will obtain your own copy of the textbooks, either as a rental, purchased new or used, or you already have them in your personal library. All you will do is take the tests online from us to earn the credits. Nothing will be mailed to you.

NO COUPONS: Because this package is already discounted, no other coupons or discounts are allowed. If you have coupon codes, you need to select between the package price, or the individual courses with the coupon codes applied. If you apply a coupon code to a package we will reverse the coupon value and reissue the charge for the full package price.

Our discounted volume packages are NON-REFUNDABLE. No refunds or exchanges can be made once the enrollment has been completed.

To contact the Institute of Somatic Therapy about this or any other massage therapy CEU course, please go to the "contact" link above. Thank you.

Can I make any substitutions to this package? No, our system recognizes this package as a single unit. As such, no substitutions can be made. You can always enroll in separate courses and use the "Customize Your Own Package" coupon if this package does not meet your needs.